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JPECH002 /// Pro Motion Only /// Nur Für Bewegung
Release: 17 05 2006 @ Designmai Youngsters 2006 Berlin
©Sound:  EGOSHOOTER (Ivo Hanke, Georg Schönbohm), 2006.
©Visuals: JPECH.NET (Nimmer/Supermann), 2006.
Jpech LIVE footage used:
Recombination / Berlin 03, 05,
Lowlands Festival / NL 04,
Awakenings, Amsterdam 05.
And tapes and frames from many other live performences between 2003 and 2006.
Produced @ Jpech International, Berlin.
jpech rocks /// 3 chord visuals /// see us soon


Zeitgeist /// loop for temporary installation
Assignment for a conceptual decoration by Wink Party artwork. 1 minute loop
shows the process of a wall being built, painted, destroyed and turned
into a stone-bead curtain. Presented at Bread&Butter Tradeshow Berlin 2004. /// concept for Pergamonmuseum, Berlin
Concept for audiovisual event at the Pergamonmuseum, Berlin. Light and Visuals.
The collection and history of the museum combined with the energy of Berlin
clubculture. Now only a very limited showtrailer on DVD / To be continued...


During the Designmai 2003 JPECH releases a DVD in the form of a full-lenght AUDIO-VISUAL longplayer.
Inspired bei minimalism and punk, Wessel Nimmer and Supermann present 45 minutes of their "3-chord-visuals" on a self produced compilation with music by

Mai 2003 präsentierten JPECH ihre erste DVD in der Form von einem full-lenght-audio-visual-longplayers. Inspiriert von Minimalismus und Punk veröffentlichen Wessel Nimmer und Supermann 48 Minuten von ihren "3-Akkorde-Visuals" auf eine eigens hierzu produzierte Compilation mit Musik von
Bootlx, Eva Casal, Hanin Elias, Radboud Mens, Merzbow, Powersteppers und Society Suckers.

The first JPECH.NET release is a fifty minutes long audiovisual composition with
ten tracks that can be played single and as a whole. JPECH sees this production and the following release-event as a means to bring artists together and present them to the public.

Der erste JPECH.NET Release ist eine vollwertige audiovisuelle Gesamtkomposition mit 10 Tracks die man sowohl einzeln, wie auch im ganzen abspielen kann. Die DVD ist damit ein eigenständiges Produkt, das die üblichen Bonus- DVD’s weit übersteigt.